Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Democracy Alliance and the government funding of Communism.

The Democracy Alliance envisions a just, prosperous, and secure America; an America where Government serves the people and engages the world constructively to advance justice, prosperity and security for all peoples; where we keep ourselves safe from attack; where healthcare is affordable and available to all; where we respect our country's workers and pay them fairly; where position, power and wealth are earned not inherited; where schools prepare our children for the 21st century; where religion is respected but not imposed; where all people are equally regarded; where our diversity is celebrated and our communities are inclusive; where our energy efficiency leads the world; where our natural environment is revered and protected; where balanced budgets are the norm; and where there are sensible limits on the power of both corporations and government. [source DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE]

A "gang of elitist snobs" led by George Soros, governing what you're allowed to do - sounds great, right?

"Workers of the world, unite." Andy Stern SEIU -- look up the providence of THAT phrase, for starters.

"Let them eat cake?" I threw that little sword slice in myself, I have a brain you know. Further reading, Discover The Networks.

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