Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the problem with FREE PLANET

I want to talk about the positive aspects of life on FREE PLANET stripped of the Communist, Capitalist and Gaia dogma this topic may have garnered around the internet.

I want to talk about life on this planet AFTER the NEW WORLD ORDER and their tyranny.
I want to talk about life on this planet AFTER the death of PROFIT and corporate slavery.
I want to talk about life on this planet AFTER the eradication of DICTATORSHIP and the concept of elected rulers.

I see now what Alex Jones meant when he said, "We need a leaderless resistance." I'd take it one further and say, "We need a leaderless Renaissance." The only way for mankind to survive is to eradicate all leaders, and we do this by allowing ALL SEVEN BILLION people to open up to the possibility of a FREE PLANET, for every human being.

We do this by 'convincing' Mr Medvedev and Mr Obama and Mr Jintao and all the other country leaders to RELEASE ALL RESEARCH FILES pertaining to FREE ENERGY so those who have experience can teach those who'd like to knw how to build these machines. For themselves, so that their families can contribute.

We do this by 'encouraging' all human beings to start thinking in Olympic terms of HOW CAN I IMPROVE THIS PLANET'S BEAUTY & HEALTH within my power, within my creativity, within my neighbourhood.

We do this by 'ensuring' that the world leaders STEP DOWN from their criminal posts and allow You The People to start to govern your homes, your selves and your lives and your FREE PLANET.

No laws, no lawyers. I'd love this to happen, and getting rid of the functional office of dictatorship seems good (our governments are corrupt to the core with just a taste of local power) but even in a free world I see there could be a FALL INTO DESPOTISM.

But it would be despotism of a group kind, vigilante do-gooders demanding that you 'show your work' and 'outline your results'. This is the first chink in the FREE PLANET armour and I'd like good, strong, positive advice on how we can get around this innate tendency for a group of people to assign a board of criticism that then goes ahead and elects a leader who'll then go DESPOT within a weekend.

Yes, the INTERNET will be FREE and there'll be no connection cost.
Yes, WATER will be FREE and there'll be no poisonous plastics.
Yes, SEWAGE will be FREE, that's our life support.
Yes, FOOD will be FREE, there's no reason why you have to pay for ANYTHING. There's no reason why you have to WORK for anyone when you could all work to ensure that FREE PLANET is the best place to live.

You see, I have a REAL FEAR all this is just philosophical nonsense and we will never have FREE PLANET but for it to work we have to actively dismantle the DICTATOR mechanism, we have to get rid of ALL LEADERSHIP, all laws, all punishment; we need to have WORKED IT ALL OUT before it comes time to ACTIVATE it.

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Chad Goulding said...

Don't fight the NWO. Don't fight capitalism. Don't fight communism.
Instead, make them all irrelevant.

If you create a leaderless Renaissance, the old ways will naturally become redundant.
But to do this, we have to stop directing our attention toward 'the enemy'. Otherwise we assimilate their ideas, their thought patterns, and become more like them.