Thursday, February 25, 2010

East India Company - Stars and Stripes - European Union

So, this quick visual editorial moves us from the Opium-dealing Tea-and-stamp-taxing East India company flag...

through the very first Stars & Stripes back in 1777 (notice thirteen stripes are IDENTICAL to those of the East India Company flag), the circular arrangement of the thirteen stars was attributed to George Washington, Francis Hopkins and Betsy Ross...

to the European Union flag (designed by Arsène Heitz and Paul Lévy in 1955 for the Council of Europe) with its circle of twelve stars VERY reminiscent of the original 1777 USA flag.

and, as evidenced by the Eye of Sauron flag, it looks very much like THE EMPIRE NEVER DIED and we are all still slaves to it. All talk of American Civil War 'liberty, equality and brotherhood' was just a political smoke screen written by corporate spin doctors, a rouse to shut the population up and split the American continent among the European ruling elites via piratical parlais. I still mourn the death of all those innocent indigenous civilisations in the northern and southern 'America's that European greed and virus wrought upon them.

So shameful to be alive and not to have brought down the STINKING CORPORATE EMPIRE yet.

Please, all seven billion human beings in peace, awaken from your slave-slumber and help FREE PLANET rid itself of this global FOR PROFIT illness.


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