Monday, February 08, 2010

The Eugenicists vs the "go forth and multiply" crowd

this is gonna be a short one:

the Eugenicists:
say there are too many people on the planet, so 80% of them now need to die. Now, the only thing that's wrong with this is the Ruling Elite who run the GLOBAL GAME are just having a laugh at your expense. They love their feudal system, they love their lofty position, looking down on the decaying masses. They will NEVER share this Earth with you, they will ALWAYS look at you as Sheeple or Cannon Fodder.

the "go forth and multiply" crowd:
are merely a misinterpretation of the message to go and spread the "word". What's happened is, mankind's such a fucking idiot, he thinks that fucking like a rabbit and having a family of 5 girls and 5 boys (and some families have that many kids) whilst shunning one's neighbours in one's own villages, towns and cities is the clever thing to do.

Both Eugenicists and 'go forth and multiply'ers are fools, brain washed by society.

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