Friday, February 05, 2010


Here's a little treat for you courtesy of the Planetary Skin Institute, a project by NASA and Cisco composed of integrated super-cooled satellite PCs and a low-earth-orbit network of UAVs, robotic sensors and automatic carbon-tax billing which will allow for the monitoring of all nations and the taxing of those who are violating the cap set by future carbon governing bodies and treaties such as the one proposed at the recent Copenhagen Conference.

So, you're not too concerned about Planetary Skin, right now. You're thinking, "Mike, if global warming's true and we gotta reduce our carbon dioxide output, this is a good way to monitor it." Right? You're right. Hey, you could always just look up GLOBAL INFORMATION GRID or SMART GRID or INTERNET 2? So, back to the post, what other creative uses could The Corporate War Machine find for Planetary Skin? How about FCS aka Future Combat Systems?

In summary: YOU THE PEOPLE are the major source of carbon dioxide pollution on this Prison Planet. If there were fewer of you, there'd be LESS POLLUTION. Or simply start to promote FREE PLANET and save your race.

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