Thursday, February 18, 2010


Democratic senator Dennis Kucinich and constitutional lawyer and Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald tell Amy Goodman of Democracy Now about the CIA's policy of assassinating U.S. citizens.

This from a sitting President who's just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Former Justice Lawyer John Yoo

The chief author of the Bush administration's "torture memo" told Justice Department investigators that the president's war-making authority was so broad that he had the constitutional power to order a village to be "massacred," according to a report released Friday night by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

The views of former Justice lawyer John Yoo were deemed to be so extreme and out of step with legal precedents that they prompted the Justice Department's internal watchdog office to conclude last year that he committed "intentional professional misconduct" when he advised the CIA it could proceed with waterboarding and other aggressive interrogation techniques against Al Qaeda suspects.
[source NEWSWEEK]

And it's not (technically) just the Americans who indulge in this HEINOUS CRIME. It appears that many governments across the globe have resorted to the lure of False Flag Terrorism in recent times to shovel home restrictive legislation that affirms their strangle hold on YOU THE PEOPLE.

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