Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the reason behind FREE PLANET

had a very productive afternoon of discussion yesterday with my friends Nick and Sanri about two things, "Why is it called now FREE PLANET?" and ,"Fairy-tale Utopias."

1) I renamed this blog FREE PLANET in protest at the Alex Jones movement's PRISON PLANET. Now, the reason for this isn't that I'm suddenly against Jones. I'm not. I believe Jones has AWAKENED many people to modern tyranny and corporate slavery. He's been a good soldier. But his insistence that we're living on a (stable) PRISON PLANET is one of the reasons why most of humanity are still prisoners.

When you're hypnotising someone, you can't hypnotise them to NOT KILL A PERSON. What the hypnotised mind will do is go, "Yes, KILL A PERSON." and off they jolly well go, like Sirhan Sirhan. It's the same with the seemingly liberating term of feudal liberation "Prison Planet". But IT'S A TRAP for the weak-minded or programmed individuals who're funding all the misery and destruction on this planet with their Consumerist support of Corporate War Government.

On FREE PLANET everyone is free, everything is free. On FREE PLANET the idea is that we educate ourselves in the ways to make this world a better place for us all to live on. On FREE PLANET we adapt to change and our neighbours are our allies to help improve our lot in life.

We are no longer at war because WAR IS A WASTE OF RESOURCES.
We are no longer tenants because the PLANET BELONGS TO US ALL.
We are no longer complacent because OUR SOLAR SYSTEM IS A DANGEROUS PLACE.

But we can adapt to anything if we all WORK TOGETHER. And by this I don't mean we all have jobs to a slave system like Capitalism or Communism (both of which always devolve to DESPOTISM and wallowing in luxury at the expense of the slaves). I mean we all use our STRENGTHS and our CREATIVITY in a way that's been the realm of only a privileged few in the last several centuries.

FREE PLANET is about the true liberation of 'what it means to be alive'.

2) Mankind is living in some sort of an insane corporate dream where prejudice, status, religion and just plain bigotry get in the way of an everyday hug or helpful gesture. We are petty and spiteful, we shun those who are different and we punish those who oppose us. This is a pointless (programmed) way to be.

Criminals are MADE, terrorists are MADE, by segregation of the truth and subjugation of peoples towards PROFIT-based agendas. Read some history books. In fact FREE PLANET is offering mankind the opportunity to realise that their whole life has been a stage-managed show for and by the elite bankers and their royal connections stretching back through history.

If you accept that you live on a PRISON PLANET you are part of the stage-hypnosis-entertainment game, you're acceptance of its arbitrary rule set is your downfall, will be your doom. Billions of you have to die for the GAME (and it is only a game) to continue. There's 'global legislation' right now to ensure that the plan comes to pass and only two billion people 'own' this planet. But they forget there'll still be wars for assets, there'll still be wars for profit, there'll still be US AND THEM. That's the nature of their game.

FREE PLANET demands the uniting of the people of this Earth under one umbrella, creativity, passion and kinship. But it's also about helping each other out when the Solar System decides to throw something nasty our way. And think about Global Warming ... we're certainly a POLLUTING industry but our breath isn't the cause of Climate Change (to give its newer name). All over the Solar System, changes are taking place.

The Sun, our nearest star, is undergoing extreme change (as shown by sunspot activity of the last decade) that is potentially linked to the activity of our galaxy. Temperatures on earth are all over the place with weather to match. But there are measurable and extreme changes for EVERY PLANET in the Solar System. And this is the way it has always been. Forget the government propaganda of fixed-rate futures. They don't exist. Everything has to be adapted to, countries always fail, wars always occur in vain or in collusion with industry.

Unless we embrace FREE PLANET.


tangel476 said...

The sheeple are unwitting pawns. But if they ever wake up, they can even the score and become knights in this game.


Mike: a little off topic, but the sort of wonder you manage to sift off the web, and treat the rest of us to. Seems a must- have technology for a bio-industrial future.

Mercedes BIOME Concept - Car Grown In Lab

TheDeepGoat said...

i think i may know your friend sanri!!! did she used to be known as ali...if so, please say hello from tristan! wow! cannot believe it! p.s. your works are awesome!