Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thomas Bruso aka Tom Slick aka hero pensioner

The basic idea of this post is not (necessarily) to gloat about some young punk thug wannabe getting his ass whooped on camera by a pensioner - though that is funny. It's actually a piece about RESPECTING YOUR ELDERS, and by this I mean, "These old people aren't like you. They are mentally-speaking COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from you. Imagine a Neanderthal faced with computers and mobile phones... that's an extreme version of what I'm saying. People as old as this societally abused old man have lived through two world wars, the Cold War, the destruction of social graces and the threat of nuclear annihilation propaganda in their junior schools - you bet your life they're DIFFERENT from you in your iPhone glossy corporate attitude.

Anyway, here's the original video that's burnin' up the internet - the spiteful goading of the thug-idiot's girlfriend on this video is particularly disgusting.

"Bringa ambalamps." funniest shit, ever. Here's 67 year old Thomas Bruso aka Tom Slick aka Epic Beard Man interviewed after his encounter with that thug.

And it gets even worse - here's the same 'belligerent' pensioner getting TAZED at a baseball game by the Oakland police force - remember the Oakland police force are the ones who shot that guy in the back, face down at Bart Station, on camera.

Clearly, 'respecting your elders' is not something these tyrannical thugs are used to practising - makes me wanna puke.

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