Tuesday, March 16, 2010

THE SUN IS HOLLOW - Stephen P Goodfellow

Stephen P Goodfellow's recent presentation suggests that the Sun is a shell of sustained charged plasma encasing a non-space/absolute vacuum that induces gravity. His theory predicts neutrinos come from the solar shell, not the core and ties in very neatly with my 'light is the universe falling in at c' HC Unit thoughts.

In fact, I'm gonna go one further than Goodfellow and suggest that his hollow sun (the inner emptiness is a form of 'pressure-induced gravity') can be extrapolated out to the planets of the solar system and to Free Planet upon which we live.

Furthermore, this idea can continue to be extrapolated out to the atoms that form the basis of life on this planet. In fact, this is the core of the HC Unit, that the CENTRE OF EACH MATTER UNIT doesn't exist 'in these recordable dimensions', that each of our tiniest parts is just the multi-dimensionally clockwise or anticlockwise excess energy of some hidden process defined by the cyclic HC Unit. A HC Unit the size of a star, the size of a galaxy ... why not?

All of this is just speculation and who knows what's really true. There's only one way to find out...



kbcjedi said...

There is also the hollow earth theory. I never really thought about what was in the interior of the sun, but a gravity vacuum is totally plausible.


Mike Philbin said...

yeah, I already cover that in the post (which you've read). I also cover HOLLOW ATOMS; technically, at the other end of the scale, there are also HOLLOW UNIVERSAL REGIONS where regular gravitational gaps in the structure of the universe are 'par for the course'.


small is big
big is small

Suresh Kumar said...

Dear Sir, You are just as incredible as my "grand comprehensive theory" I was not at all aware of your superb work, but coincidentally my theory was pointing to "hollow sun", but i was not having proofs, even i myself was skeptical to this fact, but just like any good theory my theory was also doing prediction that sun must be hollow , if sun were hollow then only my theory was going to be true.
But i just could not believe it.

today i saw your video, and i am proud of me , trust me now i will sleep peacefully , in the whole world i have got on my side....

now i can believe sun is really hollow, even earth is hollow....

Mike Philbin said...

Well, I dunno -- there's AS COMPELLING EVIDENCE that the sun is some sort of plasma-ball thing sitting in the middle of a massive i.e. galactic, Electric Universe scenario.

Jury's still out, as always.