Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Earth ... anti-Gaia.

You won't believe this, but ... the money men of this world are masquerading as Pagan Gods and you're the sacrifices they offer up on a regular basis. Gaia, as contemporary thinking presents her, is an amalgamation of all the pagan nature gods rolled into one vengeful Mother Earth personality figure; Gaia is alive and conscious and she will punish all nature criminals. That's why our world government (and that's what we have, a GLOBAL MARITIME RULER) now says that we need to atone our sins of Global Warming with ever more insane penances like Carbon Tax and the respective 'corporate offsets'.

What, you didn't know this?

I'm not a big fan of projecting PERSONALITY onto benign lumps of rock in the middle of space; I'm certainly not a fan of holding the SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD to ransom for a bit of sneaky PROFIT in the back pocket of money men. And this is where we have to RETHINK how we view our world; we have to invent, with our scientific creativity, the perfect Gaia antidote: we have to help the reader understand the concept of Free Planet a little more philanthropically.


Babies have no personality - they are a white canvas upon which to paint.

Babies need food, water and shelter - this can be achieved for all humans.

Babies will grow how society dictates - the place you're in now is the bastard child of several hundred decades of feudal locker-room pranks. We need to stop playing the competitive 'bully' game and start looking at our planet, the place where we live, not as a sewer where we can dump the errors of our corporate strategy but a place where EVERY SQUARE INCH of flesh on Baby Earth is precious and delicate and needs constant care and attention.

Recently, a lot of concerned readers of this blog have been emailing me asking me for practical solutions to the current corruption of life and the birth of Free Planet and I say to them, "Free Planet already exists. All you need to see it is the right mindset. You need to understand that Free Planet is a state of mind, not a rock in space, not dogma. We create the world we think we want. Personally, I want a Free Planet where every need is taken care of because we're careful with how we treat our Baby Earth. We maintain this post-foetus in a manner that's beneficial to all its inhabitants."

I know you're clinging onto the old ways; jobs, bills, career, but running after someone else's money isn't what THE HUMAN RACE should be doing. It demeans you, it enslaves you. You're tied in to arbitrary corporate rulesets that are all about keeping you in the dark and making you a more and more efficient cog in a machine; a cog that can be discarded when defective. There's no compassion in the corporate world, you're abstracted out to 'bottom line', 'restructuring' and 'shareholder dividends'. And you might say, "Well, what's wrong with that?"

Just about everything.


flumembrain said...

babies grow up

Mike Philbin said...

we need to help this 'iteration' of Baby Earth grow up big and strong and healthy - not some corporate-war-throttled FREAK.