Friday, April 16, 2010

Bible Prophecies - Plasma Astrophysicist interview

People who listen to Bible Prophecies are total nutcases.

So, obviously, I never promote such nonsense on this blog buuuuut the transitional nature of life on Free Planet is something regular readers are gonna have to get used to. It's not a stable Solar System, people; it's a living, breathing entity.

In a recent interview with The Watchman's Cry, Benjamin Baruch shares the results of a meeting he had with two Plasma Astrophysicists about intensified Solar Activity over the coming seven years. He talks of solid evidence for a neutron star companion for our Sun, a variable star. He talks about a pole shift, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Coming EMP blasts from the sun that will cripple all technology. Dogs and cats living together. Yes, even dogs and cats LUNCHEONING over mince with slices of quince.

So, no, I haven't found God - so forget all the Sodom & Gomorrah, Remnant Cleansing and Suicide For God crap at the end of this interview. I've found a scientific trinket that you might wanna listen to. If only the original scientists quoted as the basis for this interview would OFFICIALLY come forward and tell You The People their findings. Of course, this might be just some clever conspiracy to have all the believers lie on their soft white backs and piss on their bellies while those who rule the eugenic corporations laugh their warty tits off.

Benjamin Baruch interviewed by The Watchman's Cry.

In fact, I'm this close to DELETING this entire post, so read it while it's a scorcher! I've got a hair-trigger finger for this kinda stuff.

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