Saturday, April 17, 2010

Concordia Station - Miles Johnston - Underground Video UK

I was looking into wild claims that the US Army, Russian Army and/or the Japanese Yakuza had EARTHQUAKE or VOLCANO activating weapons and kept bumping my nose up against the figure of Lt. Col. Tom Bearden - this post isn't about him, yet, as it seems like a real muddied intel picture.

This, however, is CLEAR AS A BELL.

Miles Johnston reports on the attack on the French Italian base in the south pole in September 2009. The Concordia Station team was rescued a month after the base’s instrumentation, transmitters and earthquake measuring equipment were destroyed. This base could have measured the earthquake data leading to Haiti’s quake which some believe has triggered further volcanic activity. Recorded near London’s Heathrow airport, where all UK airspace was grounded due to volcanic ash coming from Iceland. [source UNDERGROUND VIDEO UK]

Refute that!

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