Friday, April 23, 2010

Doug Stanhope vs Alex Jones - a classic moment in radio history

It's been a while since I listened to the Alex Jones show but I caught the tail end of it today and his 'special' guest was THE MOST DISGUSTING COMEDIAN IN THE WORLD Doug Stanhope.

And it was like listening to chalk and anti-chalk just rubbing together with that lovely squeaking sound.

Since Jones and Stanhope busted up the stage half a decade back, Google 'The Austin Incident', it's clear that Stanhope has changed. He's softened, surrealistically - almost totally unplugged himself from the conspiracy generator. He openly disagrees 'on air' with much of what Jones has based his life's journey on, encouraging Jones to 'have fun' with the time he has left on this planet.

As Jones puts it, "You're everything the NWO stands for. Doug Stanhope, you are my enemy."

part one of five: this is a better version than the one Chad offered in the Comments section yesterday.

Oh, and before you ask, I do believe that you can be a loving (even spiritual) person WITHOUT subscribing to the accepted corporate religious dogma - you don't need to HATE THE COMPETITION any more because you are the (illusory) competition in so many ways. Your mind washing is your enemy, but you can take control of the reigns of your future, if you really want it. You can help liberate the people from tyranny. It's as simple as taking that first step.

You are your own person; but you all share this Free Planet.


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You can listen to it here

Mike Philbin said...

nice one Chad,

both Stanhope and Jones are out of synch in the youtube but I couldn't resist.


Mike Philbin said...

thanks 'faceless'

Portland Magician said...

Alex is a slob.
Alex is the elite.