Friday, April 23, 2010

Ed Haslam - Dr Mary's Monkey - polio cancer virus

people of a certain age remember the sugar cube we took as children as a vaccine delivery system for polio back in the 70's.

Ed Haslam, with Jim Marrs riding shotgun, is on Coast to Coast discussing the INDUSTRY OF DEATH that links back through AIDS and a CONTEMPORARY CANCER EPIDEMIC, and the denial of the viral cause of cancer.

And we've all been asked to innoculate our girls against HPV - A CANCER CAUSED BY A VIRUS, so it's out in the mainstream, if you wanna look.

While researching the mysterious death of Dr. Mary Sherman, Haslam discovered that polio vaccines created in the 1950's had been tainted with a cancer-causing virus. This contamination, he said, was detected after half of the doses, a staggering 100 million vaccines, had been administered to an unwitting public. Allegedly, the creators of the vaccine were afraid to admit the error and subsequently distributed the remaining half of the "medicine" as well. Having studied data on cancer diagnoses, Haslam noted that a "massive epidemic" of soft tissue cancers "erupts in the years following the polio vaccines." Making matters worse, he said, the cancer-causing virus could be transmitted sexually and has even appeared in grandchildren of people who received the compromised vaccine. [source COAST TO COAST]

again, we're talking about Mass Murder on a global scale, with viruses targeted through geography so as to spread the blame.

Oh, and an ITN article, this morning, shows how Scientists 'modiify' viruses to treat cancer.

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