Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fasting fakir flummoxes physicians - 'again'.

now that's not my headline, that's actually the headline from an editorial on the BBC website dated November 25th 2003, about Prahlad Jani a then-over-70 years old who spends most of his time in a cave near the Ambaji temple in Gujarat state. This fakir (or holy man) has survived without FOOD & WATER since he was touched by a goddess when he was eight years old. He spent ten days under constant observation in Sterling Hospital, in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

Why am I bringing this up now?

Well, SkyNews is reporting on the now-83 years old who's been taken into Sterling Hospital for another series of tests to see if his 'condition' can help SOLDIERS develop their survival skills, this time for three weeks.

"The observation from this study may throw light on human survival without food and water," said Dr G. Ilavazahagan, who is directing the research.

Jani says he meditates to get energy.
[source SKY NEWS]

May 11th update:
During the 15-day observation, which ended on Thursday, the doctors took scans of Jani's organs, brain, and blood vessels, as well as doing tests on his heart, lungs and memory capacity.

"The reports were all in the pre-determined safety range through the observation period," Shah told reporters at a press conference last week.

Other results from DNA analysis, molecular biological studies and tests on his hormones, enzymes, energy metabolism and genes will take months to come through.

"If Jani does not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that from energy sources around him, sunlight being one," said Shah.

"As medical practitioners we cannot shut our eyes to possibilities, to a source of energy other than calories." [source AFP]

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