Thursday, April 15, 2010

Icelandic financial collapse - billionaire apologises to the people

Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson, one of Iceland's "outvasion vikings" who helped ruin the economy, was given front-page space to write an apology to the nation this morning. "Not an apology but pure denial," dismisses a university professor.

Björgólfsson, who was given above-the-fold front page space in this morning's Fréttablaðið to beg the Icelandic people for forgiveness for "not doing better" and for not paying attention to the warning signs that the economy was falling apart, also added, "Each Icelander bears responsibility for their own spending and has to accept the consequences. I am no exception."

Vilhjálmur Bjarnason, a lecturer at the University of Iceland, dismisses the apology as nothing more than denial.

This is all academic as most of the Icelandic billionaires responsible for the collapse of their country aren't even registered as Icelandic residents so, legally, it's a "Catch Me If You Can" situation.

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