Friday, April 16, 2010

Jane Burgermeister's site attacked - panic across Europe

though it's put the internet into a bit of a spin about Jane Burgermeister's well-being since her website suddenly disappeared last night, THE FLU CASE informs us that it and Jane are both fine. The website suffered a major cyber attack, is offline, but will be back up as soon as humanly possible.

But more to the point, Jane's recent posts (backed up at her old BIRDFLU666 site) are painting a very sinister picture of a world about to tumble right back into a SECOND COLD WAR over the (as she sees it) very suspicious events surrounding the recent death of Lech Kaczynski and most of the Polish echelon - here's a video report right from Krakow.

Woah, very interesting summary about the swine-flu-non-compliance, the zloty and the strength of the Polish economy.

April 20th update:
The deputy head of a Polish Church has been killed in a car accident returning home from funeral ceremonies for President Lech Kaczynski, the church said.

In a statement on its website, the church said Bishop Mieczyslaw Cieslar (60) died last night near the city of Lodz.


April 30th update:
'Only four people on doomed plane, suggests pilot communication' claims Jane Burgermeister.

The Polish plane that crashed in Smolensk, western Russia, on April 10th had only four people on board, audio recordings of the pilot’s communuications with the control tower suggest.

According to the recordings found by Jadzia Donatowicz, the Polish pilot said that there were four people on the plane, indicating that the plane was empty apart from the four crew members.

This recording contradicts official statements that there were either 96 people or 132 people on the plane, including many top Polish civilian and military leaders.

The Polish pilot of the crashed plane IGA 703 communicates the information that there are four people on board as part of a routine exchange with the control tower as he approaches Smolensk airfield to land:

The Polish pilot says in Russian in the final sentence of the communication:

PILOT: “tolko posadka… a u nas CZIETYRJE czielovieka.”

“only landing… and here (on board) we are FOUR people.”
[source BIRDFLU666]

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