Friday, April 23, 2010

Muammer Yildiz - Magnet Motor - Delft University

the latest in a series of "Free Energy for a Free Planet" reports...

Turkish inventor, Muammer Yildiz, recently demonstrated his magnet motor that he alleged runs on the power of magnets alone at a University in the Netherlands. The motor is shown turning a fan at a high speed, and no wires can be seen going to the device; then the device is disassembled in front of the group. [source PURE ENERGY SYSTEMS NEWS]

"Free Energy is possible", Yildiz tells the group.

Personally, I want to know what are the material/technological limitations of us all having one of these magnetic motors in our homes? I'd love to see the Axle/Genesis EV-X7 electric motorbike run on this alone.


Doug Plumb said...

I need to see these motors powered by electromagnets. The thing that isn't considered is the amount of energy required to create these permanent magnets and the fact that "permanent" magnets are not really permanent at all. They do lose their magnetic flux in time.

What we need to prove the concept is electromagnets powered by a generator attached to the unit.

This is elementary and we will never see it, for good reason.

Gaby de Wilde said...

I think no one cares what you need Doug.

ncjim said...

when he started it, i was filled with joy and hope, what would happen if one would place larger magnets on or near the motor. would it disrupt the motor?