Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seismic Weapons - Lt. Col. Tom Bearden - negative entropy

this post IS about Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, and I've gotta urge caution.

Why? Well, there's an information war going on out there, what's wrong with you?

I was looking into a claim made by 'some bloke on the net' that the military had access to SEISMIC WEAPONS. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden has claimed that the military has access to negative entropy technology, anti-gravity machines and, more relevant to the current seismic/volcanic upsurge you'd imagine, scalar weaponry.

Now, I know you're all gonna throw up your hands with HAARP-exhaustion, but relax - that's not where this is going. The real interesting thing about Lt. Col. Tom Bearden is he's a free energy advocate, and we like that here. And in this interview (recorded about the time of the original Disclosure Project Press Club presentation back in mid-2001) he succesfully predicted the 2008 ECONOMIC CRASH we're still suffering from.

One has to wonder how much research has actually gone into scalar weaponry around the planet and which global corporations are WAR GAMING their enemies with it.

Pitiful, when you think of the fun we could all be having with FREE ENERGY on a FREE PLANET.

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tangel476 said...

I would not have accepted the job offer at Booz Allen Hamilton if I read the briefing document of 'Project Disclosure'. Former co worker assured me it was not true. Higher management confirmed to me it was past history and it was no longer valid. I continued my employment til I came across lunch invoice with agenda that confirms the truthful testimony of the Disclosure Project. Invoice revealed a reverse engineering class for a group of consultants.