Friday, May 07, 2010

Free Planet - isn' it obvious?

"So, what's your Free Planet policy, Mike? What's your readable manifesto?" many people have asked.

And it's true, in a traditional 'greenish' sense, such a strong conviction that a Free Planet is the only way forward for mankind should be backed up by some sort of documented 'justification'.

But that's not how Free Planet's 'leaderless renaissance' is gonna progress to real action.

I've already laid out the foundation of a global manifesto in the seminal post Rules For Living on a Free Planet in fact, I'll divert you from going there right away by saying there is only ONE RULE for living on a free planet.


Well, again, that's not how it works, because there's a MASSIVE FINANCIAL, RELIGIOUS and MILITARY MONOLITH blocking the view of a glorious future on a Free Planet and each of our war-delineated borders are ruled over by a so-called elected middle road of elite individuals who CHEAT by not telling You The People all the details, under the dubious cloak of National Security and Financial Profit. Well, I'm sorry to paraphrase Bill Hicks again but, "It's a round world, last time I looked." and some of the most inventive progressive AMAZING thoughts are as likely to comem from today's Indian slum as it is to come from today's Harvard egg-head.

I was thinking, just last night, about bringing out a book of suggestions for a Free Planet subtitled ISN'T IT OBVIOUS? But, again, that's not how Free Planet works. A Free Planet can be suggested, ideas can be put forward but it's YOU THE PEOPLE (a novel I'm working on) who will have to decide where you want your corporate-liberated world to go.

Let me offer this obvious suggestion, "If you're capable of growing a tree, pick the fruit."

But it's not even that, because there are people isolated in CORPORATELY MASSACRED parts of the world that can't do even that and need our immediate help. To do this, all ideas of border and criminal will have to be heavily re-assessed - all the doors of secret energy creation will have to be opened, all the best ideas on how to locally deal with human waste and proper drinking water will arrive on the table.

This is no simple matter but it's an obvious way forward for a broken planet slaving away under the whip of a Corrupt Corporate Oligarchy with its eye on the asset, not the planet; certainly not a FREE PLANET. You think that's bullshit, well watch what happens to Greece (and Portugal (and Spain)) in the coming months and remember what happened to Iceland. It's broken, the scam's been exposed, it's time for mankind to retake its rightful place as the real custodians of this planet.

I see a future Free Planet re-wilded and a return to a more beneficial diet. I see a fluid Free Planet where the Roman Empire's city-making is scrapped yet global travel is available for everyone. I see technology that works in harmony with the well-being of the planet. I see a return to proper Cultural Expression and investigation of the important things to human existence - namely - CREATIVITY, PASSION and KINSHIP.

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Andrew said...

Bloody spot on, Mike!

I 'see' the SAME planet ('future') as you do.

AND, the same 'how to' . . .

Create IT.