Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Jane Burgermeister's THE FLU CASE has been restored

downed like European air flight for the majority of April, THE FLU CASE, Jane Burgermeister's journalistic website is back online; attributing some hellish revelations to those who run your shiny New World Order aka global tyranny aka carbon trading scammers.

Before I mention two recent FLU CASE threads, understand that the military european drill Brilliant Ardent was running concurrently with the downing of european air traffic due to the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, the tragic event surrounding the death of the Polish echelon in the Smolensk air crash and the subsequent state funeral where very few world leaders turned up.

What's that got to do with anything?

Oh, I dunno, there was a military drill running through 9-11, there was a private security drill running through 7-7 and there was an emergency disaster drill running through the Haiti earthquake. Reports suggest that there may be a covert INFORMATION WAR going on behind the scenes of these global preparedness drills; a digital manipulation of both archival and realtime data, and automated systems: this is the THIRD WORLD WAR order-from-chaos layer this is operational right now and neither the general public nor the military personnel on the ground even suspect this is how their world really works.

Now, about those new links on The Flu Case.

1) Eastern European secret services caused Smolensk plane crash, Kaczynski may have included Tusk and Komorowski on his list.

2) Polish health minister testifies against swine flu jabs, half Polish government wiped out in plane crash days later.

3) Evidence the (Mexican Gulf) oil disaster was engineered.

Now, this first glimpse (for many of you) into the non-mainstream Valhalla that is Jane Burgermeister's world of speculation seems to paint her as a ranting paranoid lunatic, and that's a fine mantel she's brazenly sporting.

Jane Burgermeister was SACKED from her job as European Correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website once she filed criminal charges with the FBI about the WHO's involvement with the pharmaceutical firms in the plan to oversell the (unneeded) a-H1N1 vaccine.

Remember that her spotlight on the 'swine flu' vaccine scam caused more than the usual number to REFUSE to take any flu vaccination that year. It caused governments, like Poland, to completely refuse to issue it to their people. And guess what? The numbers of people dying that year from seasonal or novel flus was down on regular years(!)

Remember that the WHO was allegedly under investigation by the European Commission for their handling of this novel flu.

Remember that the a-H1N1 vaccine has been removed from shelves of late with the suggestion that it's contaminated, and finally revealed as DANGEROUS TO HEALTH.

You really can't make this shit up any more - time to smell all the old stinking ground in the toxic stains of the global governance coffee cup.

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