Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, dead at 38.

Slipknot are (were) just the maddest baddest nastiest most energy-giving solar mindfuck psychic refuel of all time.

Des Moines, Iowa; May 24, 2010 -- A local hotel worker found the bassist dead this morning. Paul Gray, known as #2, or "The Pig" in the self-titled years, the lively bassist from Los Angeles who relocated with family to Des Moines and joined Slipknot and has played for the entire Slipknot career up to this point. Paul had a darker side to his life, dealing with drugs and alcohol abuse. It was announced on his MySpace page this year that he was expecting a child with his wife Brenna. Life looked on the up for Paul. [source EXAMINER]

Well, we all know that the BBC Radio's late (great) John Peel had a 'soft spot' for Slipknot, here's what could be a fitting obituary, courtesy of HALF-MAN HALF-BISCUIT.

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