Sunday, June 06, 2010

Back Breaker 'stretchered off' by Game Trailers.

3D game review site Game Trailers has been featuring quite a lot of exclusive footage and developer diaries from this 'American football game that was in progress for four years' called BACK BREAKER. You'd imagine, due to it employing an amazing full-body organo-robotic physics/collision engine from Oxford UK local boys Natural Motion, a 'down in the action' camera to take full advantage of bone-shattering hits and totally customizable teams for even the geekiest American Football officianado that every 'footballing' whim would be catered for by this transAtlantic American fotball game.

Not so.

Particularly jibing, to Game Trailers reviewer at least, was the lack of NFL LICENSING (a hard one to get around as the Madden licensing strangle hold is understandably 'as tight as a gnat's chuff' excuse the northernism), terrible online responsiveness, a lacklustre split-screen two-player experience, commentator coverage missing from THE ENTIRE GAME, the generic body shapes/sizes/colours of skin but most importantly, it seems, the lack of PLAYER INJURY and PLAYER FATIGUE turn BackBreaker from a 10/10 dream come true for transAtlantic American football game development into a 5/10 waking nightmare.

IT'S CALLED BACK BREAKER, for fuck's sake! Let's have some arcade carnage next time out, full and brutal realism, bristles on faces, eye gouging, broken necks, AND BROKEN BACKS. Surley stretcher-team A.I. can't be that hard. Anyway, here's the damning review, and it is truly DAMNING.

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