Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bullfighting banned in Catalonia

it's about time this last vestige of Roman Gladiatorial rule has been given the boot by the Catalonian Parliament today.

Bullfighting isn't a sport, just as bear-baiting wasn't a sport, just as lions, giraffes, elephants and other exotic i.e. rare, animals slaughtered in the Roman Coliseum and other gladiatorial slaughterhouses across The Roman Empire wasn't a sport; it was a way to keep the crowds happy. Now, you can do that in any number of ways, if you're inclined to tyrannical control methods aka PAY OFFs, but just slaughtering innocent creatures as a form of coercion is wrong, on all levels.

Josep Rull, a regional lawmaker for Convergencia i Unio, said the law is about ending cruelty to animals and would make Catalonia more European than the rest of Spain. “As a nation we will take a step forward and that gives us a certain pride,” he said in a telephone interview yesterday. “A majority in Catalonia has values that are shared with the rest of Europe.” [source BLOOMBERG]

It's about time we realised that we're all connected on this Free Planet and murder and hatred of vast environments or entire genelines for arbitrary conditioning reasons is not just criminal it's STUPID. You're murdering ONLY your children's futures acting in these ridiculous ways with the earth's resources.

Think about where you are right now and how you can WAKE THE WORLD UP from their consumerist nightmare. And if you don't think Bull Fighting fits into the consumerist nightmare, then there's no hope for humanity on this planet. And the great paving over of nature will continue, TO OUR ETERNAL DETRIMENT.


nivilica said...

Celebrate! This is huge that Catalonia is leading Spain out of the dark ages and away from the savage, barbaric, unthinkable bullfight. Old men, boys, and women have fought bulls - the danger is way over rated. They put the poor bulls at great disadvantages before each slaughter, and as a fighting animal, the bull ranks about 140 on the list. It is nothing more than torturing an animal to death to entertain lesser people.

efrem said...

Some days later after prohibiting bullfighting the same parliament was PROTECTING against the previous law what in Catalonia is called "correbous" which is a kind of torture inflicted to the bulls (without killing them) in the summer village "fiestas" of the south of Catalonia.
So,as you see, absolut cynicism.
The nationalist catalans did that law to go against spanish symbols, not for love to animals.
Sad, isn't it?