Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dr Robin Herbert - World Trade Centre - cancers

here's a May 2007 10-minute audio interview with Dr Robin Herbert of the Mount Sinai Medical Center on the health effects of the World Trade Center dust in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"THE THIRD WAVE is the possibility of CANCERS further down the road", leukaemias and myelomas ... is Hiroshima the only contemporary parallel?

Of course, the NUCLEAR DEMOLITION of the World Trade Centre buildings One, Two and Seven isn't considered and Dr Herbert neglects to mention that particlised steel (not just particlised concrete) constituted a major percentage of this WTC dust - what process can produce enough pressure to particlise steel?

Here are the September 2009 illness figures among WTC First Responders:

Now, more than eight years after the disaster, huge numbers of First Responders, plus their fellow exposed New Yorkers are grievously ill. Afflictions range from chronic bronchial disease to asbestosis, leukemia and cancers, plus a host of other diseases including systemic organ failure for which the etiology remains unidentified. As of September 2009, 817 WTC workers have died; an estimated 70% of the 70,000-plus First Responders have declared illnesses; it is estimated by the World Trade Center Health Registry that 410,000 people have been ‘heavily exposed’ to WTC toxins (includes Responders), and may become seriously ill in the future. [source 911 HEALTH NOW]


edward godward said...

Yes! - You have joined the ranks of those intelligent and discerning few who have compared 9-11 to Hiroshima. Most notably Dr. Judy Wood has a presentation entitled "The New Hiroshima". Her theory is based on actual evidence and is the only one that can explain the many, many anomalies and effects. Keep going, keep searching. CHEERS!

Mike Philbin said...

I did look into the Judy Wood DIRECTED ENERGY weapons theory, and I did look into the micro-nukes theory. My current favourite is the 150 KT underground nuke theory.

Facts are these, THE WORLD TRADE CENTER was demolished and First Responders are suffering HIROSHIMA-like illness patterns of cancer spread across the first ten years.

Someone needs to just admit that NUKES were used in New York on 9-11 and let's explore our options as a so-called Advanced Society to deal with the ramifications of such a realisation.

edward godward said...

Hi Mike!
The problem w/ a nuke is that there is no evidence for a nuclear blast @ the WTC site (i.e. radiation) . All of the effects seen are characteristic of some type of energy weapon. The cars are "toasted", the longitudinal wave window holes (round), and the bent steel. All these are "field effects". Please check out my blog for complete run down. Also check out the spire on youtube, where you can see structural steel turned to dust.

Mike Philbin said...


there's a hell of a lot of evidence to support a 150 KT 72m down nuclear explosion for the WTCs ... this is supported by the leukaemia and lymph node cancers that are now starting to peak!


as I've said, "I don't give a shit on the details!" I'm just disgusted that the demolition of the WTCs was 'allowed' by someone who thought it better to allow these 3,000 people to burn.

edward godward said...

I agree w/ your sentiments. I am also glad to have this dialog. This is how evil is exposed. Remember- nine (9) bldgs were destroyed. towers 1 and 2, 3, and 7 completely destroyed. 4,5, and 6 partially destroyed, and greek orthodox church completely destroyed (south of wtc site). Also bankers trust bldg damaged (a "slice" out of the north face of the bldg). They tried to fix it but had to demolish in '07 after millions in repairs. continuing molecular degradation? PEACE