Friday, July 02, 2010

Free Planet - a finite number of souls?

yes, I have completely rewritten this blogpost and reposted it for maximum exposure to You The People, ready?

In case you haven't noticed, the more humans there are, the more animal species go extinct and the fewer mammals and birds of the remaining species exist.

You're a so-called spiritual reader of this blog, so consider this, "What if there are only a FINITE NUMBER OF SOULS allowed on planet earth at any one time?"

Humans are suppposed to SHARE this Free Planet with their fellow insects, fish, birds and mammals, not DOMINATE the planet like a virus. We all know it's the Mythology Squad who, by various corporate means, have brain-washed the people of this planet into needlessly 'going forth and multiplying'. We carry on the way we are and a) all the food this planet can offer every year will be eaten and b) mankind will devolve into Soylent Green territory, maybe with a valid flavouring of Logan's Run - you get to fifty, you're food.

Doing good by the planet might then mean we need to watch out for AND LEGISLATE AGAINST Evangelist Death Squads who'll take it upon themselves to go roaming Free Planet looking for Diversities to cull, as we (stupidly) used to cull seal and deer and other beautiful creatures, in a vain attempt to feed everyone. And you know what, I wouldn't even care. Maybe human meat is worth eating for a decade or so while we allow the planet to restock and replenish its natural diversity after the centuries of mindless human slaughter. But I won't condone such action, as I think natural wastage is more profitable TO THE PLANET, and easier to stomach for the majority of you'all still trying to hold onto some sort of familiarity with a (financial) world collapse.

Now, I know this may sound a little radical but that's why you're here, one would hope. You want bland reportage, go choose from the six major news corporations.

Imagine that proposition, a FINITE NUMBER OF SOULS allowed on planet earth.

Yes, I'm suggesting animals have souls, isn't that astonishing? If mankind is arrogant and/or egotistical enough to think his 'evolved' mammalian foundation is host to some sort of spiritual entity, why not any other mammalian foundation, any other animal.

"Man is the only animal with a soul, it says in our mind control propaganda." I mean, COME ON... mammals and birds dream. Mammals and birds have emotions. Mammals and birds may be, just like us, soulless. So what? It's useless to argue either way.

Facts are these:
We're still all here.
We're still all alive and vital.
We still all deserve to SHARE this Free Planet.

EVERYONE who reassesses their role on this world, will reap real rewards.
EVERYONE who shows respect for all living things, will receive that same respect.
EVERYONE who recognises our very dear and very close planet sharers, will no longer think in abstract terms of meat and poultry.

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A true cat tale. In 1968, I was hanging out at Hermosa Beach, California. I walked to the local liquor store one morning for smokes, before returning to my parents house in suburbia. When I walked out of the store, a large, fluffy, gray and white cat walked up to me and meowed. I meowed back. I turned, and walked back towards the friend's apartment where I had spent the night. Halfway there, I paused going up a hill, and heard a meow. That same cat was alongside me. I resumed my walk, and he followed alongside me. He hung out while I smoked a joint at the apartment. When I left for my VW, he followed, and jumped into the backseat. He spent a couple of days in my parents' neighborhood, and even courted a neighbors' blue Siamese. On Friday evening, I climbed into my car to head back to the beach. Yes, that cat came running and climbed into my car. He rode shotgun back to the beach. When I parked and opened the door, he climbed out. I swear, he looked up at me, meowed, and then headed off in search of his next adventure. I believe this was a human soul, reincarnated by choice into a cat. I was almost jealous as I watched him heading down the street. Now, I once knew this girl who moved like a cat ... but that's another story.