Thursday, July 22, 2010

the Free Planet mission - arbeit macht frei - dogma busting.

I wonder if what I'm doing with Free Planet is akin to what the Buddhist mission and the Catholic mission and the Consumerist mission have been doing to our minds and to our planet for several centuries.

I don't think so, and here's why...

Cultural Imperialism of the kind represented by these seemingly-benevolent 'missions' and their honourable 'missionaries' is just another manifestation of feudal war for New World Order, with a few intellectuals destroying culture in the name of unification and tricking a mass of dominated sheople how to think and act?

"But the same can be said for Free Planet, Mike," I hear you cry, "Aren't you the New World Order dictator telling those of us who enjoy their consumerist comforts and their easy lifestyle how to act?"

Well, not really, and here's why.

Free Planet encourages (not crushes) Cultural Diversity by moving humanity from a jingoistic 'definition' of country defined by its war-won birth-certificated boundaries to a global series of "Diversities" defined by creative, passionate and brotherly ways to make the world a better place.

Free Planet must necessarily flip the consumerist slave world (we've all come to call our home) on its head, humanity has to wake up from its slave slumber - "The sleeper must awaken," as Frank Herbert put it in his DUNE novels.

Free Planet is not about austerity and less, as we're being asked to accept in the current (monetisation) phase of the consumerist (debt) war, it's about fruitfulness of passion, creativity and kinship. It's globally about achieving more, but with an emphasis on the planet as our saviour to deliver FOR FREE that bounty. It's about people, all seven billion people at last count, waking up to the corporate tyranny and freeing themselves by no longer funding the global war machine with its blood, its sweat and its tears.

Corporate missionaries brutalise our minds day in day out; buy this, invest in that, you need this, you can't live without that. We are locked into the false paradigm that Arbeit Macht Frei (remember that from the gates of Auschwitz death camp?) proposed but it's distracting, destabilising work that You The People of this decaying planet shouldn't be doing. Your life on this beautiful homeworld should be about plenty for all, and love for all humanity, but there are intellectual hurdles that need to be surmounted.

the "go forth and multiply" crowd are a direct result of intellectual missionaries that push the population to greater and greater numbers. Why would consumerist society encourage that? Isn't it obvious? Taxes. Why do you think the biggest thing to hit this planet, in terms of potential revenue, in the years leading up to and including 9-11, has been the switch-over from 'fiat' (i.e. non gold guaranteed aka inflation prone) currency to Carbon Credits that will become their own Carbon Tax thanks to the 'missionary' efforts of the Global Warming scientific cabal.

More tax payers = more consumers.

To make Free Planet a better place, we need to take stock of our rampant Populationism - the earth is 'time locally' a finite size (despite Free Planet's support of Neal Adams's Growing Earth hypothesis) and we are in great danger of outgrowing it much faster than it can accomodate more and more of us.

So, in Free Planet terms, what are we doing with families of 5 or 6 or 12 children? Health care, in the form of preventative medicine and healthy lifestyle, will be available to all on Free Planet, so we have neither the political dogmatic need nor attritional wastage need for big families. We should actually ENCOURAGE a slow but steady fall-off of the numbers of people on Free Planet. But we don't drug the water, food or minds of the Sheople as John P Holdren and his Eugenics cronies would have us do it - we educate the people to be integrated cogniscent supporters of Free Planet.

In missionary times gone by, the global population was much lower and (indigenous peoples aside) we understood much less about our integral role in the condition of our planet; we scooped out the planet's lungs by felling trees for our war ships, we hacked out the planet's stomach by murdering predators in the name of camp-fire horror stories and organised Roman Gladiatorial excess, we gutted the planet's intestines in the form of meaningless or social cullings and useless slaughter for exotic aphrodisiacs, we broke the planet's spine by growing our number such that we're a terminal burden, an actual cancer.

But we have the power to heal all the ills of centuries of Missionary Dogma in all its forms and escape our cell in the prison planet that's built up around us. We can do it, if we want to, because we are the rulers of our own destiny.

Who's ready for some real freedom, some real fun, some real living?

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