Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kinect for Xbox 360 - Kinectimals

Microsoft Corporation just announced the $150 price tag for Kinect (aka Project Natal) by itself, or $300 bundled with an Xbox 360 slim, minus the 250GB hard drive ... and it sorta sounds like you'll be needing one of those sexy slim XBOX360's to get the best from Kinect. So, real price for Kinect $300, period.

Despite the astronomical price, in these times of crippling global recession, one of my favourite Kinections is called KINECTIMALS, made by Frontier Developments in Cambridge, UK.

Watch this cynically-grinning corporate cute-unit jump up and down on command, walk a plank on command and do what she's told by the corporate mind control box, on command. I'm talking about the grinning girl in this video, of course, not the fur-rendered shekitten.

But isn't she gorgeous? the fur-rendered shekitten I mean, made of lovely rendered fur, with big glassy doll eyes and living in a cute Eden-like landscape of NintenDog-ness. "Is there some sort of time-sensitive Easter Egg where these wild animals discover their inner savage, tear up all the local lifeforms and eventualy get too big for their rendered prison cell so that you have to throw them out into the urban sprawl to fend for themselves?" one might ask...

One can only hope there's not a KILL YOUR PARENTS patch for Kinect somewhere down the dark line of our Carbon Taxed future - these glassy-eyed corporate drones of advertiser-rendered cuteness might just listen to their real parent, the corporate dictator; the DEBT COLLECTOR.

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