Saturday, July 17, 2010

USA UK IRAN - the information war - carbon tax

I'm sure both sides of any war are, or have been, guilty of spreading disinformation or propaganda or false evidence on their 'enemy' at some point in history; that is the function of THE FOG OF WAR. It's just that most of the recent wars aren't about two armies fighting, they're about political destruction of sovereign states to fold their people into the Global Governance cake misture. Iraq, Afghanistan and other 'wars' are just a Mass Media-duped sick-making FOR PROFIT exercise from what's become known as the New World Order.

What, after all, was the "Neda Soltani" Iran Elections assassination if not a cynical attempt to influence opinion on Iran? And I've already mentioned that the New Regime (here in UK and in USA) will start a concerted effort to further blackball Iran, it's how they influence You The People. Don't believe any Corporate War Machine hype - there are TRILLIONS of Carbon Tax dollars at stake.

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