Friday, August 20, 2010

Avatar 2 gets an Amazonian rewrite

It has been revealed, in a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly, that Avatar director James Cameron has had a bit of a telling off by the indigenous Achuar people of the Amazon rain forest.

About that greater arc, how far along are you on Avatar 2?
We’re in the early days right now. I’ve got tons of notes. The way I work is I write hundreds of pages of notes. It’s like writing a novel, except I don’t worry too much about the narrative. It’s all about the technology, the culture, the psychology, the character development. I’ve got to create the stage for the story to play out on, and then later I’ll connect the dots and figure out how the story works. I’ve always had a story arc in mind for the sequel, but then I took a trip to South America after Avatar came out and that has altered the story line somewhat.

What happened in South America?
I was doing a fund-raiser for these people called the Achuar. [The Achuar are an Amazonian community who want to keep oil companies from drilling near their homelands.] This fund-raiser was trying to get public attention. A bunch of Achuar were bused in to watch Avatar at an IMAX theater in 3D. These are people who had never been in a movie theater. They’re wearing feathers and paint. And they put on the glasses and watch Avatar, the first movie they’ve ever seen. And when they came out, the BBC interviewed them. This one woman, a tribal elder, says, “In this movie, they solved their problems by fighting. We are not afraid to fight, but we have decided to try to solve our problems through dialogue. So this movie needs a better message.”

I mean, okay, the 'near-suicidal gathering of the tribes' ending to Avatar was a) rather drawn out and stretched the Gaia-like involvement of Pandora's wild animals a little too far and b) very violent in a classic MK Ultra fashion that 'nothing drives home a psychological message like violence' -- 9-11 illustrated that perfectly.

But you think DIALOGUE is gonna win you a war against asset-hungry businessmen? Surely the decimation and reservationing of the indigenous American Indian tribes by European invaders has shown us that global finance and the corporate model is A MONSTER we have created. A ruthless violent predator we have to eventually put to sleep, euthenise for the sake of our planet's continued existence.

It'll be interesting to see how brutally Cameron decides to deal with this non-violence resolution of the military-industrial-congress invasion force intent on raping Pandora of its 'unobtainium' in Avatar 2. You KNOW there's gonna be bloodshed, not bartering. You KNOW there's gonna be a SCORCHED EARTH policy from the next wave of the corporate invasion. They may just use Pandora as a place to 'store' all their nuclear waste or just dump their trash on the planet, covering it in refuse several miles deep.

They don't care, they just want their asset.

here's a very interesting video review of Avatar from Stefan Molyneux on Freedomain Radio that echoes many of the themes I first posited back in my Avatar: the seed is planted post. It's interesting that the Jake Sully's grieving process (or lack of it) is a major feature. One wonders if this adult-ification of the tribal mind will be explored in Avatar 2.

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