Thursday, August 05, 2010

Circumcision as it relates to You The People.

"... the prepuce is put on a stretch by grasping it on either side of the median line with a pair of hemostats. No anesthesia is used. A flat probe, anointed with Vaseline, is then inserted between the prepuce and the glans ... In cases where the prepuce is drawn tightly over the glans, a dorsal slit will facilitate applying the cone of the draw stud (the bell) over the glans. After anointing the inside of the cone, it is placed over the glans penis ... The prepuce is then pulled through and above the bevel hole in the platform and clamped in place. In this way the prepuce is crushed against the cone causing hemostasis. We allow this pressure to remain five minutes, and in older children slightly longer. The excess of the prepuce is then cut with a sharp knife." [source SALON]

That's a sample of a 1998 Salon article by Debra S Ollivier about 'how a medically pointless procedure became a routine practice performed on the majority of American males'.

And it makes you think ... or it should.

Only Jews, Muslims and Americans butcher their children like this. Arbitrary socio-political practises aside, this is clearly a 'state overpowering the individual' issue that's as controversial as the bra burning of the sixties. I (personally) think it's stupid for the Jews or Muslims to be doing this, but the Americans? Why should they be doing this?


It's one of the highest grossing industries IN THE WORLD. So, why not ensure that ANYONE in America, what with times being hard and companies going bust, could slip into the shaved/circumcised role of a so-called "porn star" with absolutely no effort, pre-packaged in both body and mind. I mean, you see how MTV brainwashing has been diligently creating a generation of amateaur porn whores, male and female, pushing their groins, boobs and asses at the screen the way you should. You see that, right? And don't come back to me with the 'circumcision is about cleanliness' bollocks.

You think this is rubbish, yeah? Just another paranoid delusion from a writer who's hanging his sanity over the edge of the precipice with every new Free Planet thought. But think about it. I know you can. Think of when your beautiful baby boy is born - think of who OWNS it. Yes, that's right, WHO OWNS YOUR CHILD? Your certificate of birth is a certificate of your baby's WORTH to the state it was born in, that it can offset against any loans taken out. Nothing else. You're just bringing up that potential-profit-unit for your country to do with as it wishes; send it to war, make it like computer games about war.

Think of all the money going into SEX EDUCATION in your schools - has it had ANY EFFECT on soaring teenage pregnancies and escalating teenage chlamydia and gonorrhea cases? No, but it "sexualises the young mind", prepping them for a life as an abused porn whore for global consumption. Start early, every state system knows that.

You may disagree with the delivery of this message but you know, in your heart of hearts, that circumcision of your American boys is all part of the Big Picture corporate-drone future to fuck You The People in the ass, none stop - all day, every day.

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