Saturday, August 07, 2010

Free Planet - decades of financial ambivalence

Throughout my life, I've been possessed by 'ethical inspirations'.

EI usually last about a decade or so. And there are many overlaps and influences from one EI to another. Most have come to nothing that any normal person could call a profitable way to live one's life. It's high on moral binocularity and low on simply paying the bills.

1980's, psycho-figurative or 'horror' painting. Had a few one-man shows up an down the country. There was a failed Amsterdam exhibition that I'm sure would have led to better things. Felt like I was painting red shoes in a green shoe market. I wanted to share MY VISION not paint something that was sellable.

1990's, 'horror' story writing - started well with a fresh voice but then I asked too much of the genre. Fell foul of the gawdy commercialism inherent in horror-genre content that now so blatantly panders to the teens market it's sickening.

1990's, Hertzan Chimera Unit - a faux-science theory of the reversal of energy's vector so that the entire universe performed the debt-settling of the most miniscule photonic interactions. One wonders how ingrained the institutions are such that freedom of thought in the scientific simulation is truly counter-productive.

2000's, anti-corporate writing/publishing - I put out a couple of books, collections and anthologies and started to get more deeply involved in the (so-called) 9-11 Truth Movement. Nothing sold well. It was not a literary living, shall we say.

This latter EI grew while I was a 3D artist in the games industry, a creatively stifling sweat-factory hell-hole whose role is to acclimatise the dumbed-down youth to War Simulations and Exploitation of Sexuality, without actually being sexy, or adult in its treatment of humanity. This rat-game belittles and despises life.

Currently, I'm part way through my decade of the "FREE PLANET" EI, and it's not paying the bills. There's no money to be made in a Free Planet. This is obvious. But as it's not yet here for us all to enjoy, I'm juggling serious ethical exploration of future planetary survival with the need to put food on the table. I have a bountiful vegetable garden but that's not paying the rent.

A jobless recovery should not dissuade us (all six billion of us) from pursuing the truth. It should empower us to demand what is rightfully our, our freedom to live in harmony with our homeworld. It should coerce us into deeper investigation of the people who are running these utterly psychopathic for-profit corporations. It should encourage us to break down the sociological, geographical and statutary barriers our cultures have set up around us so that we can see the wood AND the trees.

I acknowledge the decade-long cycles that intertwine my life and I understand that there are rhythms to existence that we should be aware of, awake to.

Will FREE PLANET help me find out what it means to be me?


Steven Bartholow said...

Put up a paypal donate button. I check this blog everyday and get my "out there" news from this blog. Would be happy to donate to the cause when the spirits are high. Goodwork and "godspeed"

Mike Philbin said...

cheers Steve,

there has been a PAYPAL DONATE button for some time - here, I'll move it into a more prominent position there on the top right, if you think that'll help.


Steven Bartholow said...

dropped you a bit. Never give up Mike. you do good work

Mike Philbin said...

much appreciated Steve