Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie trailer - SKYLINE - review

what's wrong with you dissers, slaters and nay-sayers? SKYLINE was a simple nuts-out proper-old-school survival horror film. IT WAS GREAT. Especially the 'inside the spaceship' ending.

Admittedly, it's not a "quality product" by any means but it ranks alongside the great NECK-BREAKING splatterpunk B-movies of all time.

From Beyond.
The Thing, even!

It lives, within that pantheon of anti-corporate greatness.

"Love will conquer all!" remember?



Ramura001 said...

Yes, and all to be released on 11-12-10, which adds up to 33. A coincidence? I think not...

Cathy said...

Actually, it adds up to 6 (33=3+3=6) but who's counting. Love will conquer all? I remember love, peace was in there too - they lasted a hot 5 minutes. O pessimistic old hippie that I am, would that I could resist hearing the blind pap of youth cheering on the future....which will suck just as much as the last future we cheered on.

Mike Philbin said...

I suspect "Creativity, Passion and Kinship" will eventually conquer all, but for now LOVE will suffice.