Thursday, August 12, 2010

Starchild Skull Found in Mexico Determined to be Extraterrestrial

I've not been a fan of Star Children, they come across as pompous and arrogant and trained by their parents like performing seals.

But I'll do this every now and then, I'll pander to the Project Bluebeam covert information leak, just for shits 'n' giggles. But mostly to exploit the programming, show their workings. There's nothing like a good laugh in the face of so-called 'scientific justification for a global mindfuck'. I did it with the Aaron McCollum Gulf of Aden Stargate piece and I'm gonna do it right now with this Lloyd Pie Starchild Skull piece, allegedly from the time/location of the Aztec Empire.

This skull, over 900 years old, was found in Mexico. In early 2010 a team of geneticists in America led by Dr. Lloyd Pye, who presents on this video, began DNA testing on it.

A majority of its DNA was found to be completely different from human DNA. The bone is more like enamel than ordinary bone. It’s unlike any human species found on Earth and scientists have dubbed it the “Starchild skull.” When the team’s discoveries were announced, Pye says, the physiological differences “meant nothing to mainstream science.”

But Pye has tentatively concluded that the skull could have been evidence of DNA genetic engineering 900 years ago, “an alien born to a human mother.” Blah blah blah...

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luckee1 said...

Two things come to mind when I see these strange skulls:
1) Radiation poisoning, you can see live versions in the children born of population born after the Depleted Uranium rounds were used on them.
2) Incest. The skulls of seriously interbred children like Daddy to daughter to and to her daughter.

Show me where there was no possibilities of these two factors and I might find it believable.