Tuesday, August 31, 2010

World of Koch - Keiser Report with Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones

Say it like this, "Con-Glom-Erat-Ees."

I've been hailing from the high mast about Robert Ludlum's FAKE PRESIDENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE on behalf of The Matarese Circle of loyal assassins and global god-kings-to-be. If we were paranoiacally extrapolate the page-turning narrative of this fictional fucking novel to parallel political machinations (dangerous, I know but let's see what extrudes out the back of the Playdoh machine) then 9-11 was an attempt to wipe out any dissenting voices of 'reason' from the Global Governance equation. And remember that Robert Ludlum knew about this 'cut your losses' technique back in 1979 when his first Matarese novel came out. He also knew you DON'T put all your heads of state/military in one flying basket ref: Polish air disaster in the Katyn forest.

I've just found (to my delight) the twenty-years-later follow up The Matarese Countdown, one of the last books Ludlum wrote before his death in mid 2001, and I'll undoubtedly be updating this blog with a review of that at some point. Be assured. But back to tonight's blog. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

All those 'grass roots' people movements you thought you'd put your heart and soul into. Those 'concerned citizen groups'. Those 'seekers for truth'. Ever wondered who funds them?

KOCH INDUSTRIES INC, pronounced 'coke' not 'cock'.

'Transforming Daily Life' is not only Koch's slogan, they appear to be putting their money where your mouth should be.

A recent report by Greenpeace lists the recipients of Koch’s funding, including 35 organizations such as the Mercutus Center, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, The Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute, and 21 politicians. Most Americans have never heard of Koch Industries, one of the largest private corporations in the country, because it has no Koch-branded consumer products, sells no shares on the stock market and has few of the disclosure requirements of a public company. [source GREENPEACE].

Max Keiser (with the help of Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones magazine, in the second half of his report) shows how Koch Industries Inc - and other global worldwide conglomerates - are 'financially managing' political prejudice and how the Conglomerate business model is buying into your psyche so that you forget that you're nothing but a good little productive robot for their corporate hell factories of the prison planet future. Ah, that felt good. Take it away Mr Keiser.

You know, I don't write this shit for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, I write this shit because I'M SICK OF THE GAME. Life on planet Earth is just a money-making asset-stripping scam for these conglomerate toffs. They don't give a damn about a healthy planet with a solid foundation to fuel/feed future generations. They just want fast bucks and fat fucking families NOW. It should make you sick that these supposedly intelligent financiers of lie and counter lie play their sick games on the back of your ignorance. That it doesn't is what makes me most sick.

morning update: Thanks to Stacy Herbert for finding this post and putting it on MaxKeiser.com as a headline item.

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