Saturday, October 02, 2010

Carbon Emissions legislation will fucking murder you, like that.

September 11th 2001 showed us that they KNOW these ultra-violent shock tactics can project a false message into gullible trained minds, like Franny Armstrong who directed this pro-Global Warming short "NO PRESSURE" penned by Blackadder-writer Richard Curtis for the 10:10 government campaign.

And what none of you realise is it'll be the same CARBON DIOXIDE TERROR TECHNOLOGY that some say monitored then ordered the murder of the passengers on the 9-11 planes, while the 'players' made all the bonuses.

LCTE, Legitimate Carbon Trust Euthenasia it'll surely be known as... it's helping the planet!

David Hawkins of Captain Sherlock: So a cat bond might be sponsored by a group of institutions in and outside the New Orleans area that would stand to loose a great deal of money if a hurricane went over the top of New Orleans and the levies gave way and they had a flood deeper than fifteen foot.

And that is called a ‘parametric cat bond’, i.e., it’s just a measurement.

Another cat bond might be written for, if you had an elevator in the (WTC) South Tower and in the morning people went inside of it and the carbon dioxide inside of it monitored by a wireless device exceeded let’s say, three-hundred and fifty parts per million then the cat bond could be triggered by for example, blowing up the building and killing everyone inside the elevator.

And the important thing here is to not get personal about this. What we’re saying here is this is the mechanism by which they justify mass murder.


The discovery of the above blatantly valentine's day slaughterfest in the name of Carbon Trading on the Chicago Exchange comes after another recent find in a similarly dark-propaganda-hued light...


You reading me, Free Planet?


October 4th update: some wise owl's compiled a newer version of the Eugenics Agenda annual conference, nice.

October 6th update: as reported by expert blogmonger GRUMPY OLD TWAT, Sony have financially disassociated themselves from the rather ill-advised 10:10 campaign who supported the above "No Pressure" 'eugenics masquerading as carbon sacrifice' travesty. I quite like the bit at the end... Zieg Heil!

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