Friday, October 22, 2010

Dr David Kelly post-mortem files to be released TODAY.

Conservative politician Kenneth Clarke has been associated with the Bilderberg Club for a long time, so there may be some Common Purpose in releasing this information from its 70-year lockdown TODAY.

According to the Belfast Telegraph,
details of the post-mortem examination into the death of Dr David Kelly, the government scientist at the centre of the Iraq weapons of mass destruction scandal, are expected to be released this morning at 9am.

The Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke, will publish medical reports on how the weapons inspector died, against the wishes of his family.

Tony Blair, sit back and strap in - maybe the reason for this 70-year lockdown is only moments away. Updates due as the files are released and reported on.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: nope, seems the official release of findings that so many medical experts said would, "Not be the cause for Dr David Kelly's death," stand. Every medical expert who complained to the government that a few para-codeine and a cut on the wrong side of the wrist would actually be enough to kill someone are wrong? Including this guy who doubts 'suicidal tendency' of Dr David Kelly.

Colin Pritchard, emeritus professor at Southampton University's School of Medicine, said there was nothing in the evidence given to the Hutton Inquiry to suggest Dr Kelly had any 'intent' to commit suicide.

Without this, a coronor would struggle to reach a suicide verdict.

Prof Pritchard's intervention adds to the clamour for a full inquest into the death of the government weapons inspector, who was found dead in an Oxfordshire copse in 2003.

Raising fresh doubts, he said yesterday: 'David Kelly had planned to see his daughter on the evening of his death so the timing is very odd.

'Secondly, on the morning of the day of his death he had some positive - what you might call optimistic - emails.
[source DAILY MAIL]

So, same old, same old?

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