Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Free Planet - the bell curve of empires - 2012

In October 2008, I wrote a blogpost called "structural anarchy is mankind's salvation" and I'd like to re-examine this via the skewed or catastrophic 'distribution curve' of Empire Failure.

All empires fail.

We all know this. It's fact. Empires fail for all sorts of reasons. But they all follow a similar curve; a bell curve.

Look back through history at the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Romans, the Viking, the Nazis, the British Empire or Commonwealth, Soviet Russia and today's modern empire The Americans. There's a juvenile thrust when opportunity arises, a middle-age spread when inertia sets in and an often rapid decline into morbidity due to some conflict of interest that leads to total cancerous failure of the system, eventually. From within, is more common.

Empires fail.

So, why do we keep FUNDING's Empire Dreams with our communal subscription? Our blood, sweat and tears; our taxes, as citizens, and bodies, as soldiers?

The guiding premise of 'protect your planet under any circumstance' will always, ALWAYS, trump any self-preservationary Empire defenses. But what does this actually mean? Would it mean a more local mentality? Would it mean seeing the Earth as a limited resource? Would it mean bringing down the human population of the planet over time?


The more of us there are, the less of everything else there must be. And this has been shown time and again. I'm not convinced there are a 'fixed number of souls' on this planet that must be shared between ALL PLANTS AND ANIMALS (including humans) but there really does appear to be a limit to the amount of Diversity this planet can support with mankind being such a global VIRUS as it is. It makes sense that if there are fewer of us to feed, we can probably feed those who remain better and easier - and this can be done over time, with care for our planet and how we restock what we take. To do this we have to mercilessly crucify the FOR PROFIT financial model that has ruled this earth since time immemorial.

In fact, if you look at the bell curve for HUMAN EXISTENCE, we're just about at the point, right now, where we're accelerating up to the zenith of the bell curve, which can mean only one thing. The descent. And this may be a gradual or catastrophic decline in numbers. But it'll be okay.

As long as we don't allow Big Government to dictate and Big Pharma to decide who should live and who should die, we should all get through this 'stupid phase of human evolution' and proceed on with our Free Planet lives.

As long as we educate the general public in the vast arena of the empire bell curve then we can just get on with enjoying our ONLY LIFE ON THIS DELICATE HOMEWORLD, sorry Buddhists.

I suspect that if we the seven billion (thus far) inhabitants of this planet just locally, together or as individuals, just understand that we can't keep growing and growing our number in the vain hope of 'wealth for all' we can effectively NULLIFY THE HUMAN RACE BELL CURVE, and by this I mean we can take ourselves, our very race, off the catastrophic failure curve, for ever. We will succeed because we are taking care of Free Planet like it is a virus-prone new-born baby. We will succeed because mankind is becoming aware of the balances on both sides of the life equation. We will succeed because the survival of our race depends on it.

Empire after empire has proven this, nothing will change until we BREAK THE FEUDAL EMPIRE BELL CURVE and support the anarchic-seeming structure of ruler-less rule-less yet benevolent planetary existence alongside our fellow man.

Death to war.
Death to profit.
Death to all global boundaries.

Long live a FREE PLANET of creativity, passion and kinship.

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