Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DOES SNUFF EXIST - Roman Polanski - Manson Family

no, this isn't about the sniffable de rigeur accoutrement to a nineteenth century toff's social back hand, this is about A MURDEROUS ACT CAUGHT ON FILM.

Now, it is well known that many mass murderers film their victims' demise for later enjoyment, but that's not what we're talking about here. SNUFF is paid for by private money, it is a scene of torture and murder for sexual gratification.

I've just watched the film version of Robert Harris's THE GHOST WRITER (directed by Roman Polanski) and was reminded of this documentary that followed the exploits of the Manson 'Family' as they tore through Sharon Tate's house with film cameras, murdering as they went. During THE GHOST WRITER film, I started to wonder whether Roman Polanski's 1970's attempted indictment for champagne-fuelled rape of a 13 y.o. girl was SEXUAL ENTRAPMENT in the classic sense...

Makes you wonder how many other 'compromised' Hollywood movie makers/actors like Oliver Stone or Nicholas Cage might have found themselves accepting 'political propaganda jobs' such as "Wall Street", "JFK", "W" and "WTC", "ConAir", "Lord of War" (respectively) that they might not normally touch with a barge pole but felt compelled to due to such sexual entrapment ploys.

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