Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free Planet - and nothing but the truth.

In our lives we might have to GIVE EVIDENCE to prove someone's innocence, or guilt. There are three ways this can be asserted:

Oath: A commitment made to the witness's deity, or on their holy book.

Affirmation: A secular variant of the oath where the witness does not have to mention a deity or holy book.

Promise: A commitment made by a witness under the age of 17, or of all witnesses if none of the accused are over the age of 17.

The Oath and the Promise 'swear by Almighty God' so I personally prefer the Affirmation that states: I do solemnly and sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Here are the LITTLE WHITE LIES that parents use against their children:

Santa Claus (mum & dad buy your presents).
The Tooth Fairy (mum & dad pay for your teeth).
The Boogeyman (family doesn't always mean safety).
The Birds & the Bees (sex is a biological mechanism).
Good kids go to Heaven, Bad kids go to Hell (adhere to the laws of the land).
Arbeit Macht Frei (work hard and don't ask questions).

That last one, there, was the signage that greeted new inmates to the AUSCHWITZ DEATH CAMP on all the trains from Nazi-occupied territories.

The point I'm trying to make here is, "The LIES that you're told, as a child, continue into adulthood." so let's cast a cursory eye across those lies that help keep you a slave on your own Free Planet.

Country: Race: Money: Job: Ownership: Government: God:

This isn't THE MATRIX as such; I mean we're not wearing psycho-sexual leather jackets and fluttering through endless gunfire from be-suited be-spectacled Agents Smiths ... except that it is. This place where you live, this conglomerate homeworld of countries, race, money, job, ownership, government and God is governed by that same subset of 'little white lies of your childhood' extended into an adult superset; the all-encompassing post-Empire corporate lie. The tacit agreements you make as actors, agents or citizens with the invention of industry that keeps you quiet, restrains you with non-disclosure agreements, mortgages, oaths and official secrets acts.

This basic set of 'working lies' is the way you keep 30 million (UK cats) herded down a well-established path of compliance = profit (for the off-shore cats).

Most people don't know this - and this is where OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM has failed. And I don't mean THE education system. That hasn't failed. In fact, that form of mass indoctrination has succeeded very well, creating corporate drones who only know how to regurgitate the 'wisdoms of the ages' to one another like it's some bizarre sport of oneupmanship. Anybody with a 'traditional university education' is nothing more than an actor on the corporate stage, they have no reason to be there other than it's the job they currently do.

When we talk about education, REAL EDUCATION, we need to talk about our homeworld in the context of the dangerous Solar System in which we live, orbiting a variable star, our sun. We need to know the size of our planet and the finite resources it can supply to a finite number of inhabitants. We need to know how to avoid disaster as a species. We need to understand our IMPACT on the environment.

We have to stop thinking, "They'll fix it." they never do. They only make it worse because MONEY or PROFIT is their guiding principle and they'll use any means, mortgage, holy books, prison as a way to make you comply. You're their slave, you're their property, you're their asset. Nothing more. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to WAKE UP (yes, like "Neo" in that pre-9/11 film) and experience NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

TRUTH is the antithesis of the Empire system where you are supposed to sit down, shut up and do your duty, there are roads and sewers and temples to maintain and elite's tables to fill with goodies from around the raped world. So get back under your corporate yoke and keep bringing home the bacon for your rulers.


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