Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free Planet - release the patents

it's essential that we think locally about the use of our technological advancement.

To create viable LOCAL SOLUTIONS to sanitation, water, energy, food growth and alternative forms of transport that will allow for a rewilded planet, we need to RELEASE THE PATENTS from the Private or Corporate arena into the Local or Public arena for the REAL INVENTORS and the REAL CREATIVES to go to town on machines that can liberate us and renew the planet.

We need to break open THE EMPIRE and free the humans to better the planet. But, "Mike," I hear you shriek, "The system ain't broke, why try to fix it?"

When statements like this can be made in a recent Guest Blogger post "Consumption of tap water has the potential to increase high-level exposure to barium by 60-130%, which could result in a total dietary exposure for high-level intake in pre-school children of 980% of the WHO TDI," [source NIKKI WADE - HOLES IN THE SKY] and when there are studies showing chronic THYROID ILLNESS caused by the Perchlorate in rocket fuel, and when OBBESITY is rife on our planet (thanks for PROFIT) KNOW THAT THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN.

Know, that we are all in this together, we're all component parts of the same planetary system. Science, technology, waste management, nutrition - we must understand this.

We need this technology released from patent jail and freely available to the masses so that the entire planet can benefit from the knowledge rather than a few private corporations benefitting from Prison Profits.

'nuff sed.

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tangel476 said...

Hope you use linux to research online and blog writing? While researching the history of linux, I discover their agenda. Their agenda was the elimination of intellectual property within 10-15 years.