Thursday, November 25, 2010

snazzy Star Trek style in-home computer interface

This clever guy's living his Star Trek dream, in his own home. Look at it!

This is what I built in my home and this video is my own work. Both the computer and the software is self made. The interface is inspired by the LCARS interface from Star Trek.

Shown in this video are:
- Agenda/Calendar
- Shopping list (Groceries)
- Rain radar
- Train departure times (because the train station is nearby)
- Library & Media player (connected to home cinema set)
- Internet browser

Not shown, but also operational is bluetooth support (notice the Transfer button to send the shopping list to your telephone)

More will be added as I get ideas and time to develop them. Why don't I control my home lights with this? Because the needed hardware costs a LOT and the light switch next to the door is more practical in the end anyway. Maybe some day I will add it just because it is cool.

this is a great interface - hope Star Trek don't kick (the original Dutch? inventor) in the bollocks for Copyright infringement. This 'sounds' exactly like a Hollywood computer should sound.

the thing that's missing for me?




i.e. voice activation from 'anywhere in the cyber house'. That would seal this as the MUST HAVE gadget!



M.Ahsan said...

i am a computer science grad please tell me that how did you make the switch between wall computer and lcd are they hooked together via wire or if it is wireless how did you do it with a turned off lcd (was lcd on standby). please tell me you have inspired me !

Mike Philbin said...

you're a computer science grad but you can't DISCERN that "I" did not make this computer, it's a computer SOMEONE ELSE MADE ... I mean, like what the fuck's happening to people's sense of understanding.

Does it say ANYWHERE in this blogpost that "I, the blogger" made this computer? No, I use a quote from HIS comments about his computer.

His, not mine.


Gah, humanity's just fucked!