Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Student fee protests - around the country - get organised not kettled.

Up to 3,000 students paraded through Brighton city centre as eggs and fireworks were thrown.

In Manchester around 3,000 protesters gathered outside the town hall, disrupting city centre traffic.

In Oxford, hundreds of students and school pupils protested in the town centre, and police said about 70 students had occupied the Radcliffe Camera - part of the famous Bodleian Library.

In Cambridge, more than 200 students students scaled scaffolding to erect banners at the Senate House and protested in the grounds of King's College.

In Liverpool, more than 2,000 students marched, with about 300 of them blocking three major city centre roads to traffic.

In Sheffield, 2,000 students and secondary school pupils marched to the town hall.
[source BBC]

QUICK QUESTION: what on earth are Britain's students doing protesting in such a disorganised wishy-washy fashion?

Any traditional marching activity, army vs army let's say, or students vs authority, will not work as they (the authority) will always be a much better organised resistive force in a face to face confrontation.

See how THIN the kettling line is in this operation. A line of police vans to filter the crowd, then a thin green line of police stopping THOUSANDS of badly organised protestors.

Seriously, this can only end badly, and your (student) concern will always be obfuscated by such corporate-army KETTLING and SUPPRESSION techniques.

Being made to stand out in the cold (like recalcitrant children on the naughty stool) tonight for SIX HOURS? The police have clearly been offended by their embarrassment in the first round of student protests in London and here, you see, in the second round they've (over reacted and) bested you. They've pulled a G20 on you all. They were out to teach you a lesson of their own from the get-go, today, "We are the law and you are the little people."

Do none of you history students remember what happened to Boudica in the first century A.D.?

70,000 of her kinsmen kettled into oblivion (and slaughtered) by a much smaller corporate force, known as the Roman Army.

Seriously, if you're gonna protest in large numbers, YOU NEED AN EXIT STRATEGY. Talk about this with the demonstration organisers first. Or you're gonna get owned by the opposing force. Even better do drills beforehand, so at least a core of you are prepared and know how to UNKETTLE fellow protestors, safely and confidently. At least have COMMANDERS who can cover back and forth to manouevre the students who're in danger of being kettled.

Learn from the Greeks who used to use this team scrummage technique to break defending lines of shields.
Learn from the Romans themselves who went for SAW TOOTH formations to bite through the opposition.
Learn to unkettle your fellow protestors safely, take control.

Otherwise, you're just training fodder for a much more well rehearsed opponent.

Of course, this is all academic -- democracy is lost already -- why? Well, why would you have to BEG PERMISSION to demonstrate in a REAL DEMOCRACY? Why would you have to stick to an AGREED ROUTE? The Vietnam war proved that an army you can't see is much harder to fight, go camo, don't comply, stay hidden. If valid protest is your goal.

We have lost this beautiful homeworld to corporate tyranny if we're not allowing DISSENTING VOICES to debate the issues of the day.

Dec 1st update: it seems, from reportage of yesterday's THIRD round of student-fee protests, that the students are finally coming up with anti-kettling strategies.

Police and demonstrators played a cat-and-mouse game outside parliament as protesters left the designated route of the demonstration, fanning out across central London. [source REUTERS]

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