Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear Custodians of FREE PLANET

do you get what I'm doing here?

or am I totally out of line with this Free Planet idea?

is a dumbed down populace ruled over by tyrants actually that bad?
is a financial system that cripples creativity, passion and kinship actually that bad?
is a totally controlled prison planet wage slave subsistence actually that bad?

it's great that this blog now has upwards of 30,000 unique readers per month and 300 Followers. You are great. You are the trailblazers. The pioneers... the real Custodians.

But now it's time to REALLY OPEN UP FREE PLANET to the slumbering masses.

Every Follower of this blog, do this now -- pass the URL of the FREE Free Planet EBOOK to all your friend lists, email lists, MySpace, Facebook, Stumble Upon, in your work places, in your universities, in your colleges, your schools, your homes; whatever you want, wherever you want...

Tell your 300 friends to tell their 300 friends that this is a FREE PLANET and, like a huge number of self-replicating reality-awakening Agent Smiths, SEVEN BILLION human beings will soon realise what a massive CORPORATE WAR GAME their blood, sweat and tears are a part of and that THEY HAVE THE PLANETARY POWER STOP THE TYRANNY by outing the architects of industry, profit and the tyrannical mind-control methods that have been used on You The People for centuries.


In just a few months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds we can claim back that which is rightly ours, a FREE PLANET.


luckee1 said...

Not pointless at all Mike. Keep spreading the word.

I agree we are all spoiled children. But I think that like all children, we crave discipline. The more we crave that denied discipline, the more we act up and act spoiled, and it is a vicious cycle.

So what you are doing is putting a stop to the cycle. Carry on, man.

Steve said...

I think...
The people that view these posts are not the people that need to debate. The people that view these posts are here because they are on the case. The people that view these posts don't need waking up - they view these posts in knowledge that others see the things they see and know the things they know. To those awake and aware there is no question, no argument... It just is. We are just watching and waiting for the rest to catch up. Keep posting, keep saying the way it is - there is no argument.
Have Fun

JJ said...

Keep on keeping on, it is not pointless and you matter in this world. I check what you have to say everyday and soon when the sleepers awake, your work will be more important than ever. Love you!!

a GrebBear said...

Pointless ??
... sounds like 'they' are winning from y-our perspective (starting to ?).

It doesn't matter how many of y-our 'followers' comment
... if WE all said it was pointless, would you give up, stop trying to bring more Love into the world ??

i am another beautiful you,
i am here (this blog) to learn and grow,
... to find out more about myself, you
... and i'm happy with my progress. ))

'Progress' globally seems impossible and WE seem to be accelerating in the wrong direction ... but, this is only an illusion. WE are ALL being challenged at this time, whether WE are 'awake and aware' or if WE're 'asleep and ignorant' (ignorance = the 'choice' to ignore). Personally, the biggest challenge for the 'awake and aware' crowd, seems to be in, 'not' slapping the 'sleepers' ))

Obviously Mike, you are 'awake' ... but feeling alone, unheard, and weakened, maybe due to carrying the Love for the planet on y-our shoulders. i promise you ... WE are not alone, WE are ALL "the ONE".

All the bullshit, lies, fear and hate ... an intense test of Love. Life is about the experience, WE don't die ... WE're learning about 'lack and loss' and its very challenging.

Keep up the good work my friend/brother
... some day soon all the visualizing of a beautiful FREE PLANET
... will give you/US exactly that.

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)

Emanance said...

Your on the pulse Mike, just keep counting:) I know I link some of your stuff to fb, and get many likes. Your not a fan I know. But your ideas deserve the exposure:) said...

I agree with you 100%and have developed a model that i would like to mapped at with kin. There are so many methods of restoring our world. She is ready. The earth does not want to kill its children, but like all good teachers, there comes a time when they have to pull away and allow ignorance to do what it will do. So thats much of what we are seeing... There is so much of what is now based in the past. So many dead theories revived out of necessity. There comes a time in our present where the past is resolved and Dissolved. Where we pick up and move forward as ONE. Sustainable force. I know how to take care of this Vessel, as well as operate it for the highest good. I suppose thats what brought me here today.

I am listening, watching and Acting.

Mike Philbin said...

guys, 'n' gals,

thanks for all your positive feedback on this post. It's good to know that there are people out there who are starting to question the Profit Game, and it is just a "game", for indoctrinated children; not a way to share a FINITE RESOURCE aka our Free Planet.