Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Russia Today - Oceans of Plastic - maleness in danger

Yeah, I'm featuring an awful lot of material from Russia Today recently, wanna know why? RT attracts me in the way BBC2's 'educational content' used to attract me as a kid. I get an 'alternative view' of our Western Life from this 'so-called propaganda channel' and it's up to You The People to decide how to use this information.

OCEANS OF PLASTIC is an original French documentary produced by Via Découvertes and directed by Sandrine Feydel.

click the above link to watch the documentary.

As you'll see from Oceans of Plastic, basic research in France suggests that EVERYBODY, that's each and every adult and child has Bisphenol-A and Thanates in their body. In pregnant women, this means that male foetuses are tending towards the feminine. MALES are being chemically eradicated.

So, put this alongside the mercury poisoning of our oceans, you've got a future of de-maled morons. Easier to control, one imagines. ;)

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