Friday, January 28, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - the sex bobomb initiative

Dear FBI,
please lay off, like, stalking me about this chuckleful & laughsome(tm) NOVICHOK story I 'borrowed' from some 'conspiracy forum'(sic) to brighten up this otherwise dour and putrid bloghole at the back of my cerebellum.

This is far more important!

I saw the trailer to this pile of shit (sic) film, like, ages back and thought, to myself, without saying it out loud, "Mike Philbin, you will never watch that pile of Hollywood garbage. Ever!"

Well, you can't trust no-one, not even your own prejudice(s).

It rocked, in all the right ways. SEVEN THOUSAND MILLION CREDITS, of sterling appreciation, yes(!) Congrats for taking me back through my jaded youth with my Big Hair intact. Kerching!

Life proper sucks, man. Hmm, not very deep, huh? Note to self: gotta work on that delivery.

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