Sunday, February 20, 2011

Free Planet - creativity, passion & kinship - part two.

"A King would never let down his people!" this is how people used to think.

A King is put into power by YOU THE PEOPLE so that His Office can protect yourselves, your women and your children from harm. Within the Kingdom, the people are free to express their hopes and grievances to their King and he will do what he can - to the best of his abilities. Even if you don't LIKE the idea of a King, the basic concept is well-intentioned enough. The King of an ancient tribe was like a hierarchic father figure; he would be the first into battle when conflict arose, he had the passion of his convictions that no one should harm his people, and was more than willing to show the enemy that the name of his tribe would continue on through history as long as their was blood in his veins, breath in his lungs and passion in his heart.

A King would never let down his people.

But that King, that benevolent philanthropist (however tyrannical/individual his methods of rule), is all but dead. He has been sold out by his people by the lure of PROFIT. After many centuries of border negotiation and inter-marriage with neighbouring tribes, the King finds a new mercenary plague within his lands promising his people TRUE FREEDOM and RICHES BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS if they were to abandon the King and come and work for them in their stateless company.

These mercenary companies GREW AND GREW, soaking up skilled workers and apprentices from all over the tribes of the world, enslaving their people by financial reward. There are now mercenary companies and conglomerate associations for every trade you can think of, basically prisons of commerce. The King has been robbed of his greatest asset, his people. And some would say this is a really good thing, "King's are nought but egotists with a Messiah complex." But you're missing the point.

Passion has been transplanted with Profit.

Yet, the old tribal borders brokered over decades of bartering with neighbouring tribes still remain, and the mercenary companies like it like that. This gives them insurance value, future accountability and power over life and death, every option to manage their PROFIT. These old borders make YOU THE PEOPLE think that your freedoms are exactly the same as they were under your protective King. But you have NO PROTECTION. You are an employee of a corporation. You pay rent to a corporation. You pay for your utilities to a corporation. You help repaint and replaster the walls of the corporation halls in the name of image and marketing.

YOU THE PEOPLE are slaves within this global corporate structure - you have none of the freedoms you thought you had, worst of all you are now the enemy of the corporation. Your increased standard of living threatens their profit margin and their annual report is dotted with black marks.

Solution? Global meltdown, conglomerate restructuring it's called. Coming to a village, town or city near you. And the streets of your village, town or city will run red with the blood of dignified people torn to pieces by the ruthless mercenary gangs who LIED to you YOU in the name of RICHES you could never achieve.

The only one who loses is YOU, THE PEOPLE ... unless you wake up, unless you put down the toys of corporate war and GROW UP.

Unless you go, "Yeah, this should be a Free Planet. We should live within and carefully manage our global resources. We should use once-patented technologies so that local solutions can be found for empire overspend." until we all have this over-riding PASSION for our homeworld and are pro-active in replacing, rejuvenating and revitalising this poisoned earth, we will remain nothing but dull-witted slaves of a self-destructive abstract, the profit/loss account.

We must have PASSION for Free Planet to exist, and sustain.

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