Sunday, February 05, 2012

Free Planet - silent 'peanut' taxis - silent modular housing

in summer of 2010, I wrote a couple of brief Free Planet blogposts titled Carbon Structure - Floating Housing and Spy satellite hailing - Taxi system using GPS.

This system of Free Planet living modules utilise the very same "Military Spy Satellite Network, GPS and Biometric Skeletal/Sacial Recognition Systms" put in place to regulate Profit Slaves under an umbrella of criminal surveillance, to fully liberate mankind from the Oil-based economy that has caused us so much war and subterfuge.

This original SILENT RUNNING self-sustainment concept was basically about giving the inhabitants of Free Planet a chance to re-plenish and re-wild this homeworld by inventing 'alternative shared spaces' to GROW Diversities, outside of the Old Empire's allowed-to-crumble cities.

IMPORTANT: there must be minimal impact of these devices on the repairing planet, be it toxicity of components, sound abuse from a power unit, downdraft abuse from an engine or ground disturbance from any landing gear or periodic contact with the earth.

There were no real illustrations or videos to accompany these blogposts at the time, although I have tried to do several versions of both the taxi and the homes, trying to get my head around the rational complexities of the entry and exit methods of both, transition to and from both and how the houses might link together.

Today, it all (sorta) came together and I decided to finally sculpt these almost-resolved ideas into a (very rough) 3D sketch of form and function to show both the self-flying taxis and the six-sided three-engined homes that become Diversities.

You'll notice the ANNOTATIONS, work fine. This is neither a technical prototype nor an architectural blueprint. The reflective material of both the taxi and the home is a pseudo-PRIVACY-cloak like a two-way interrogation mirror effect. No application of patent-released technologies is offered as that's for the more technically-minded individuals of Free Planet to resolve, whether I'm here to enjoy the liberation of mankind or not.

Here's an extension of the above 3D sketch that shows how STRONG EDGE BONDS allow structural linkages called "Diversities" where the shared wall space can be drawn back to open up the shared space while WEAK CORNER BONDS allow local linkages only. It also gives you an idea of the sorts of structures this three-engine six-sided modular living concept will allow.

And, very interestingly, just as Iran is about to be dragged into an Iraq/Afghanistan scenario of sanctions followed by FULL-ON (some say nuclear) war, is when Iranian scientist called Mehran Keshe is (basically) talking about a future world A FREE PLANET filled with these non-corporate-profit devices, these silent 'peanut' taxis and this silent modular housing via his Keshe Space website where it states:

The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe aiming to bring about new scientific knowledge, technologies and new solutions for the major global problems like famine, water shortage, shortage of electrical power supply, climate change, illnesses, where at the same time by the use of new types of plasma reactors giving the Man the real freedom of travel in deep Space.

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