Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SEX OFFENDER'S REGISTER - no legal debate

people who've been put in jail for sex offences face being put on a SEX OFFENDER'S REGISTER for life. This is all over the Corporate War Machine-controlled mainstream media, this morning, and why should You The People care?

Well, our justice system is simple on this: Commit the crime, do the time.

Or let's put it this way, DONE THE TIME. End of. If the justice system allows a prisoner (even a sex offender) to leave prison once he's done the time, the implication is HE/SHE'S BEEN PUNISHED ENOUGH, that's what his/her sentence reflected.

Why don't we have a REGISTER for anyone who's been to jail for ANY or EVERY crime? When you let a fraudster out of jail, he/she isn't put on a FRAUDSTERS REGISTER. When you let a thief out of jail, he/she isn't put on a THIEF'S REGISTER. When you let a tax dodger our of jail, he/she isn't put on a TAX DODGER'S REGISTER. In fact, when someone leave the Armed Forces, he/she isn't put on a CORPORATE MURDERER'S REGISTER because he has executed people in foreign lands with bombs, guns, knives, missile or the heal of his boot, the butt of his rifle. Think of all the clearly-psychopathic drones who've spent time in army intelligence setting up field operations and working behind the scenes in a detached zombie-like fasion, do we BLACKLIST THOSE PEOPLE FOREVER, after their service? Should ex-politicians go on a POLITICIANS REGISTER so that they'll never make it into Commercial Power post-parliament?

No. And why is that? Well, because you can't assign these pre-justice values to FREE PEOPLE. You can't go around TATTOOING free humans because of their debt-paid obligation. That's technically "prejudice".

If you're set free from jail by the justice system ALL YOUR PRE-CRIME RIGHTS should be returned to you. ALL OF THEM, by law.

Basically, PROFIT-based government should stop sticking its nose in where it's not welcome. Things like a SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER are all about setting up tensions within a community and making sure that people are a) afraid of and b) willing to report on 'anyone a corporate government doesn't like at any random point in history for any arbitrary reason'; basically, an abuse of Justice.

You can't pre-arrest or pre-accuse ANYONE of ANY CRIME in this western world. You have to PROVE the crime has been done(!) past tense. That's just how our JUSTICE SYSTEM works, and don't let any mainstream media talking headpiece convince you otherwise.



marcia said...

Regarding: Sex Offender registry posting 2-16-11:
I totally agree with this poisting and to take it further, why aren't the durg dealers and manufactures placed on a registry as well? Since these people nearly never give up the habit and can live near schools and places where our children congrigate this is move of a serious porblem than sex offenders. Because of drugs, nearly all crimes are driven from and these people have the highest rate to reoffend far over sex offenders. I nmy self see a serious injustice to this regist ry issue.
Marcia L

RD said...

They got me back in '92 with a 'sting', there was NO victim. In earlier times the 'crime' would have been called entrapment, but times and definitions have changed, it is now 'legal' for the system to do this. I had been discussing 'free energy' technologies with political people, got invited to a 'party' got busted and my life forever ruined. I met many in the 'system' with similar stories, MOST didn't even have a victim! How can you have a 'sex crime' if there isn't even a victim? This is how things started in Nazi Germany people, wake up before they destroy YOUR life as well.