Monday, March 14, 2011

Catherine Coulter - THE EDGE - refutes pre-9-11 claim

late last week, I received a shocking news update from the Citizens for Legitimate Government website titled FBI Thriller, Published in 1999, References 9/11.

The basic idea of the article was this, CLG received an email alert from reader "Suz" about the 1999 copyrighted novel THE EDGE by FBI-Thriller-series author Catherine Coulter which contained this reference to 9-11, that's the DEMOLITION of three of the seven skyscrapers in the World Trade Center complex in Manhattan in 2001.

“Maybe I had a chance not to be, in the Counter-Terrorism section; particularly after 9/11 when the world had changed,” from THE EDGE, page 19.

THE EDGE, first edition, Thorndike Press, November 1st 1999.
THE EDGE, mass-market edition, Jove Press, August 8th 2000.

Both published WELL BEFORE 9-11 happened. So, how could this possibly be the case? Is Catherine Coulter a psychic author or does she have leverage within the three-letter agency GAME? You'd imagine she'd have been publicly cross-examined about this before now, in the year 2011?

I decided to do the one thing CLG forgot to do -- I asked her, by email, how she could have predicted the 9-11 attack in a book published long before the event.

Catherine replied, "Mike, I was doing a mild edit and rewrite of The Edge and decided (like an idiot) to give it a bit of an update and add 9/11. Wow, what a mistake -- one I will never never make again."

Interesting, so I pushed a little, "Catherine, which version of THE EDGE are CLG referencing such that it'll contain your added 9-11 reference? And wouldn't the copyright date on that version reflect the additional changes?"

Catherine Coulter replies, "Mike, a copyright date always stays the same, of course. I don't remember exactly when I did that small tweaking job and the BIG 9/11 addition -- probably around 2003-4 -- I do hope everyone is finally getting over this."

So, there you go. From the horse's mouth. Happier?


Luciana said...

I was so intrigued by the original story that I bought a first edition, FIRST PRINTING, of The Edge. The references to 9/11 aren't there.

Mike Philbin said...

corroborating Catherine's response to Free Planet.